Khadi, Paithani, Research and Training Centre, was established in 2010, thanks to the inspiring support and guidance of ShriA.N.Kadam, secretary of Mahatma Gandhi Mission. His unfailing devotion towards ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, his concern for alternative source of energy and clean environment formed the basis of activities at KPRT centre.

Broad activities of the centreconsisit of (a) Spinning cotton yarns on charkha using solar energy. (b) Weaving yarns into fabrics on handlooms. (c) Dyeing and printing handloom fabrics using natural dyes. (d) Producing Paithani saree using coloured silk yarns on special handlooms. (e) Producing Fashion garments using dyed and printed handloom fabrics.

KPRT Centre aims at developing new techniques of producing totally ecofriendly cotton fabrics using natural dyes which are free from pollution problems generally associated with synthetic dyes and meet the required quality (color fastness) standards.

KPRT Centre aims at reviving handloom fabrics and Paithani sari - Maharashtrian heritage, by introducing specialized training program at the center and carrying out relevant Research & Development activities.

Why Khadi ?
  • Khadi is symbol of freedom struggle
  • Khadi is hand spun and hand woven.
  • Khadi is cool in all season
  • Provides employment to rural people and artisans
  • It has traditional significance
  • Alternative substitute work plan for farmer family
  • Garments in modern lifestyle can be created.
Why Natural dyes ?
  • Totally eco friendly
  • Helps to maintain body temperature
  • Cool to the eyes and good for the skin
  • Aromatic in character
  • Healthy substitute to harmful chemical dyes
  • Effluent safe for irrigation and organic manure production
  • Maintains the strength and quality of fiber
  • Provides work to tribal and rural people
  • Does not destroy the forest and the plant world
  • Safe for children and infants