Students Corner

Students at MGM IFD are a part of numerous extracurricular activities from in campus celebrations, fresher celebration, industrial visits and guest seminars to window displays and much more. This gives students to interact with each other at different levels and enjoy the process growing together. Our emphasis at MGM IFD is towards the overall development of personality of students rather than just fashion design education.

Nazifa Zikre

B.Sc. Fashion Design

I have enjoyed each and every moment of three years at MGM IFD. The highlight of the course is that we get practical experience of the entire thing we learn in theory. The faculties here have a lot of professional experience, as a result whatever they teach is not bookish but hands on from what they have experienced. We have the best fashion design library; I could just sit for ages going through the books.

Unnatee Nake

B.Sc. Fashion Design

As I look to when I started at MGM IFD, I can already see how much I have grown as a student, a professional and as an individual. I am very pleased about my learning experience and skill development provided by the three year course. I will leave the institute with ample knowledge and a life time of memories.

Anagha Devkar

B.Sc. Fashion Design

MGM IFD is the starting point for all those who want to make their mark in the fashion industry. With huge campus, latest facilities and access to expert faculty, the institute prepares its students to work in all areas of the existing and innovative industry. I want to be a brilliant fashion designer and I am sure this course has played a vital role towards it.