Khadi, Paithani Research & Training Center

The MGM Khadi center is a state of the art Khadi manufacturing setup in the bustling town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. MGM Khadi was established in the year 2009, under the Mahatma Gandhi Mission trust by a group of professionals having the commitment and the will to give back to the society. Mgm Khadi works strongly on the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and strives to uplift people from under privileged backgrounds of the society. As a brand MGM Khadi consists of a variety of products ranging from men and women clothing, kids wear, Home décor products, accessories and handicrafts.

Broad activities of the centre consist of

(a) Spinning cotton yarns on charkha using solar energy.

(b) Weaving yarns into fabrics on handlooms.

(c) Dyeing and printing handloom fabrics using natural dyes.

(d) Producing Paithani saree using coloured silk yarns on special handlooms.

(e) Producing Fashion garments using dyed and printed handloom fabri

All these activities are beneficial for MGM IFD students as they spin cotton yarns on solar amber charkha, learn the handloom weaving on paddle loom, learn the Paithani weaving process, incorporate the natural dyeing and printing in their projects. This familiarizes the students with concept of fabric construction by visual demonstration of the process from spinning to weaving.

KPRT Centre aims at developing new techniques of producing totally ecofriendly cotton fabrics using natural dyes which are free from pollution problems generally associated with synthetic dyes and meet the required quality (color fastness) standards. Thus giving our students alternative for chemical dyeing.

KPRT Centre aims at reviving handloom fabrics and Paithani sari – Maharashtrian heritage, by introducing specialized training program at the center and carrying out relevant Research & Development activities.

MGM Khadi is innovating and finding various applications of Khadi. There is a variety in the offered product range. MGM Khadi tries to reach out to more people through ecommerce website and makes Khadi more readily available to common man.

Our students also get to learn the product development stages and marketing through MGM Khadi Centre.

The Students of MGM IFD are fortunate to have MGM Khadi, Paithani Research and training centre in the Institute itself as it serves greatly to explore their practical knowledge.